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Sunday, January 27, 2013

International Emerging Writers

Author Laurence O'Bryan is collecting talent on his Blog and I'm flattered to be Number 4 in his 'International Emerging Writers' Guest Post series. I blogged about the pros and cons of different types of publishing, based on the fact that 'I've been published everywhichway except bestselling' - yet! Read my post here

It's well worth following the Emerging Writers' posts to discover a wide range of authors.

Post 3 was from Emy Award winner Gina London, a veteran journalist who's written a very personal book called 'Because I'm small and you love me'.

Post 2 was by mystery writer Arlene Kay about her Cape Cod whodunnit 'Die laughing'

Post 1 was by Andy Spzuk, on finding the right voice for his biography of his father's life in the Ukraine called 'Sliding on the Snow Stone'.

Published by Harper Collins, O' Bryan's conspiracy thriller 'The Istanbul Puzzle' was shortlisted for Irish Crime Novel 2012 and has now been followed by 'The Jerusalem Puzzle'. I'm hoping to talk Laurence into doing a blog interview some time soon but I might have to crack a few codes, survive a few attempted murders and recover from some hot dates in order to track him down somewhere in Ireland ...

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