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Win a rip-roaring 17thC adventure book

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ISBN 978 1 908483 24 9

To celebrate the release of the paperback edition of The Chosen Man on the 6th December, 2012, J.G. Harlond is running a promotional competition on her website.
Click on: www.jgharlond.name

Go to 'Competition' on the home page.

Click on 'Read'.

Read the chapter then answer the questions that follow.

Email answers to: jgharlond@telefonica.net

Deadline for receiving answers: 20th December, 2012
The lucky winner will be selected from those submitting the correct answers on 24th December, 2012.
J.G. Harlond will contact the winner for his/her home address via email.

J.G. Harlond - about the author


J.G. Harlond

It is 1635, Ludovico da Portovenere, a charismatic spice and silk merchant, is on a routine voyage from Constantinople to Amsterdam, but his voyage is interrupted; first by a timid English priest with a message from Rome then by a storm, and then by a pirate raid. Ludo’s plans are disrupted, as are the lives of the innocent people unwittingly entangled in his secret commission.

MY Review of 'The Chosen Man'

fun and full of energy; an entertaining read

Imagine Jack Sparrow working for the Vatican to break the Dutch economy by boom-and-bust selling of tulips; and a 17th century Spanish Lara Croft sorting out an English stately home with incidental husband and resident villain. This novel is fun and full of energy; black comedy abounds. The wide-ranging historical background is also very intelligent and well-informed, while in no way slowing down the swashbuckling story.

The slow-burning romance between the two lively main characters, Ludo the loveable rogue, and Alina, the feisty Spanish girl stranded in a foreign country, adds to the enjoyment. However, the two plots are otherwise very separate and this makes for some disjointed storytelling, with awkward jumps in viewpoint.

I've read 'Tulip Fever' so knew some of the historical background, and was expecting this to be heavy,depressing and political, especially in our time of 'financial crisis'. Not a bit of it! I found `The Chosen Man' to be a very entertaining read and I would definitely read another novel by this author.

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